Property & Development and Conveyancing

Our dedicated team of property lawyers can assist with –

  • Advice on all property related matters including restrictions, easements and other encumbrances.
  • Conveyancing services for Sale or Purchase for Land, House, Units, Off-the-Plan and Commercial property
  • Advice on property contracts including due diligence and searches
  • Preparation of Contract including specialised terms and Special Conditions for the Sale of property
  • GST Withholding Notices and Foreign Capital Gains Tax Clearance Certificates
  • Subdivisions and property developments including Owners Corporations
  • Non-sale transfers including between partners or related entities
  • Duty exemption Applications
  • Title Agreements and general property deeds and agreements.
  • Lease review and preparation
  • Advice on leasing disputes including lease terms and rent review
  • Transfers ,renewals and variations of lease and licences